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(Gaming Blog) Dota 2 Philippines

DOTA 2 is the most popular video game in the Philippines.

With top Filipino gamers earning millions of pesos playing Dota 2, this is definitely the leader in eSports.

DOTA 2 PHILIPPINES is the official blog of the Dota 2 Philippines community.

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(Personal Blog) IamJammed

Stuck in a traffic jam?

You are not alone.

It's a good thing that there are a lot of Philippine blogs to read around.
Enter Jam!

I am Jammed is the personal blog of Jam, a medically inclined blogger from Iligan City.
She blogs about just about anything. Movies? Music? Politics? Name a category and she's probably covering it.

Make the typical traffic jams bearable by jamming with her.

(Sports Blog) FireQuinito

This is the Qunito Henson's blog.
Nah, just kidding.

FireQuinito is owned by Jaemark Tordecilla, a blogger who's into basketball.
He roots for Purefoods (insert product name + monicker) in the PBA, Letran in the NCAA and the UP Fighting Maroons in the UAAP.

By the way, how can you fire Quinito?
Quinito's so adept at freelancing, we won't be surprised if he'll start casting Chess games.
Wait, he has probably already done that.

Start firing some balls.